Help give other people an opportunity to take action. Host or plan an activism fair within your local community/school to raise awareness and get people signed up for activist organizations. Let's get started!



Step 1:

Let us know you’re planning an activism fair!

Yay! You’ve decided to plan an activism fair and provide an opportunity for you and your peers to create meaningful change with issues you’re passionate about! Fill out the contact information at the website and let us know you are planning one. We’ll keep in touch with you with updates and any other important information.

Step 2:

Find friends to help you plan for your activism fair!

We encourage you to find a group of people to work with, as this will make the process much easier and less stressful. Let us know if you need help finding people - we may know someone from your area willing to help you out!

Step 3:

Find a venue to host your activism fair and book the date!

You’re going to need to find a large, spacious area to host your activism fair with enough space for your attendees to move around and for your activist organizations to set up their materials and present, if they are planning to. 

Step 4:

Research activist organizations and reach out to them!

Look into activist organizations that you think would be willing to work with you and have opportunities for high school students to become involved in their organizations. If you have trouble, first start by thinking about issues you and your friends are passionate about and then find organizations that match your interests. Reach out to activist organizations focusing on a diverse range of issues so your attendees will have many different options to choose from to get further involved with.

Step 5:

Start advertising your activism fair to your fellow peers - and not just the ones who go to your school.

You want your activism fair to be as diverse as possible, so that includes inviting as many students as possible (keeping in mind the maximum occupancy of your venue). Advertise at your school by asking humanities teachers to give extra credit and contact people you know from other schools to help you organize your activism fair and advertise at their school. 

*planning your fair on the weekend will help you invite more students who don’t just go to your school

Step 6:

Create a sign-up sheet to track the number of students coming

Creating one will help you keep track of attendance and help you plan accordingly. You can even ask your participants if they have any activist organizations they know of that would be willing to come to your activism fair!

Step 7:

Until the day of your activism fair, keep in contact with your activist organizations planning to come

Continue to check up on them and make sure to ask if there’s anything that you can do for them, especially relating to technological needs. Give them the address, the number of people planning to come, timings, etc. Reach out to us if you need any help! Good luck!


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